Health Professional – Annual Membership


Membership for practicing dentists and doctors.



Who are the eligible health professionals for IAOMT membership?

If you are a practicing dentist or medical doctor – then you are eligible for full IAOMT membership.

What are the benefits of IAOMT membership?

By becoming a member of IAOMT, you are joining a community of science-based, biological dental and other health professionals. Our international community actively participates in shaping the future of dentistry and the dental-medical partnership by bringing the power of the biocompatible ideal to our professional practices.

From both a local, Australasian perspective and an international perspective you can get involved in research and education to develop your field for the better.

Some of the benefits you are eligible for as an IAOMT member include:

  • Improved internet presence and search listing
  • Practice promotion
  • Research assistance
  • Professional resources
  • Mentoring
  • Education
  • …and more

To learn more about the benefits of IAOMT membership – please visit this page.

How long is my IAOMT membership valid for?

IAOMT Australasia membership is valid for the financial year starting on the 1st of July, through to June 30. Membership is not pro-rata so we always recommend people to sign up before July 1st in order to receive the most value from their membership every year.

IAOMT Mission, Charter & Code of Ethics

All IAOMT Members are bound to upload our Code of Ethics, work towards our mission and support our charter – to be a trusted Academy of allied professionals providing scientific resources to support new levels of integrity and safety in health care.

Please familiriase yourself with our Mission, Charter & Code of Ethics here.